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 Why PID ROsane toward International Vice Presidency?


Message to delegates of Lions Clubs - Suport from PIP Sobral

- Amigos para Siempre -


Porque CaL PID Rosane segue para aVice Presidencia Internacional?

¿Por qué la Amiga León PID ROsane rumbo a la Vice Presidencia Internacional?

 Why PID ROsane toward International Vice Presidency?




See in portuguese the historic indication of
PID Rosane as Lions Clubes International
2nd Vice Presidente.

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See NewsLetter in Portuguese

Mire el Boletin OnLine en Castellano

Watch to movie of PID Rosane speech -13 minutes

Multiple District LD Mensage from Multiple District LD Chairman
  Oficial communication of Brazil Multiple Districts Chairmen
  Mensage from CC Jaldir in May 2011
Multiple Distrcts LA LB LD Signed document by CC LA LB and LD
Distric LC-12 Proposal by District LC-12 (in Portuguese)
District D-4 Costa Rica Support
Multiple District O Multiple District O Argentina 2011/2012
  Multiple District O Argentina 2010/2011
Multiple District T Multiple District T - CHILE

A historic and important happening has been registered during the 6th meeting of the Council Chairman of Brazil Multiples Districts of Lions . The meeting has been attended by the International Director Edisson Karnopp, Past-Council Chairmen, Governors, Past-Governors and several Lions Leaders. It has been approved the following communication with great Lions friends enthusiasm.

For this reason I am forwarding this information to members, managers and leaders of Brazil, Area 3 and others, to take note of the relevant and importance of this indication to Lions Clubs International.

Together we will form a chain of support, faith and union in the way to take PID Rosane Vailatti towards  the second Vice Presidency of Lions Clubs International.

To speak about our leader Rosane T. Jahnke Vailatti, or as she is called, "Rosane from America's ", is easy, as most Lions from Brazil and Area 3 know very well. They know her past, her life and her example. Rosane is a simple, humble leader, dedicated and charismatic who conquered and built a fantastic and loyal network of friends forever on his Lions work.

Now it's up to us to help Rosane in hers walk.

"Yes, You can!"

Submit this proposal to your Lions Club, your District and expresses its important support.

Join us. The union makes the strength.

Thank you
Lion Jaldir Antonio Bun
Council Chairman Multiple District LD

Porto Alegre - Brazil, March 11, 2011


The Chairmen of the boards of Governors of Multiple Districts of Brazil, Lion José Antônio Gentil, from Multiple District LA, Lion Luiz Carlos de Oliveira, Multiple District LB and Lion Jaldir Antônio Bunn, Multiple District LD, meet together on the occasion of the 6th Journey of Chairmen Council, in Porto Alegre - Brazil, under the Presidency of Lion Jaldir Antônio Bunn, after fulfilling the schedule and with several manifestations from the meeting participants, decided unanimously to present Lion Rosane Teresinha Jahnke Vailatti, Past International Director 2008-2009, to the post of Second Vice President of Lions Clubs International.

Total and unrestricted support has been given to Lion Rosane Teresinha Jahnke Vailatti, considering hers exemplar leadership in the trajectory of Brazil and Area 3 Lions activities and reinforced by numerous international leaders, spontaneous demonstrations of support and encouragement to the fulfillment of her pre bid.

The Chairmen understand extremely timely this announcement to raise the national and international Lions family to seek consistent support from leaders and managers, for in due course, make her registration to forwarding this indication to Lions Clubs International as statutory standards.

Yours in Lionism,


Lion José Antônio Gentil

Council Chairman  Multiple District LA

Lion Luiz Carlos de Oliveira

Council Chairman  Multiple District LB

Lion Jaldir Antônio Bunn

Council Chairman  Multiple District LD



Documento Distritos Múltiplos LA LB e LD

Moção de apoio do LC-12

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Costa Rica Support

Dear Council Chairman:

Lion José Antônio Gentil
Multiple District LA Chairman

Lion Luiz Carlos de Oliveira
Multiple District LB Chairman

Lion Jaldir Antônio Bunn
Multiple District LD Chairman

I would like to inform the agreement taken in the newly past National Convention from District D-4, held on April, 9th:
  1. Considering the recent communication in which the Board of Governors of the Multiple Districts LA, LB and LD from Brazil, had agreed to launch the candidacy of PDI Rosane Jahnke Vailatti, to the post of Lions Club International Second Vice-President, the District D-4 had agreed:

    • That in response to the above, knowing the virtues that adorn this distinguished Lion member, we unanimously adopt hers candidacy.

  2. Similary, it has been agreed to present to the next Multiple District D Convention to be held in the city of Panama a proposition for the convention delegates to aprove all the support for this candidacy.

  3. Finally we had agreed to immediately send these commnuications to the Board of Governors of the Multiple Districts LA, LB and LD of Brazil.


DG Vera Cecilia Alfaro Sáenz - District Governor
PDG Carlos Mora Solera - District Secretary

Mensage from CC Jaldir in May 2011

Dear Lions Fellows,

With the end of all Districts conventions from Multiple District LD, which occurred in this week end, the date of May first will be marked as the prevailing Union in our multiple district, around the pre-candidacy of PID Lion Teresinha Jahnke Vailatti Rosane, to the honorable position of Second Vice-President of Lions Clubs International.

Wonderful and historic moment was promoted by the nine districts, LD-1 through LD-9, which form our vibrant Multiple District LD, which I have the honor to be the Chairman, and now much more, to see our Lions Clubs through its selected delegates unanimously, indicate and standardize the name of our beloved "Rosane of Americas", for the high office of Second Vice President of Lions Clubs International.

I also see, as appropriate, the previous and clear indication of the candidacy of our PID Rosane Teresinha Jahnke Vailatti, signed by us, Council Chairmen of Multiples Districts LA, LB and LD, absent LC, justifiably, in the 6th day of the meeting of the boards of Governors, in Porto Alegre / Brazil, from March, 9th to 11th, when it has been occurred this historic event. This sacred and historic decision has been boiled the Lions healthy in Brazil and Area III, increasing number of partners with new Lions members to whom we welcome with enthusiastic welcome.

We hope now that each district delegate be present in the 12th Convention of Multiple District LD, from May, 19th through May, 21st approaching and supporting the name of "Rosane of Americas", as their legitimate representative to the Second Vice Presidency of the Lions Clubs International. We hope that this motivating force  ensures the end of our Lion Year. The union of new talents, with the existing Lions members will surpass the expressive number of 15,000 members.

Big hug to all

CC Lion Jaldir Antonio Bunn / Lion Solange
Council Chairman
Multiple District LD

Multiple District T - CHILE


I am pleased to inform you, in my position as Multiple District T – CHILE Board of Governors President, that in National Convention held on May 27th and 28th in the city of Copiapo, unanimously, the Board agreed to support your candidacy for the position of 2nd International Vice President.

Reiterating my congratulations.


Daniel Hernández Jerez

Governor 2010-2011. T-1
Council Chairman D.M.T CHILE

Multiple District "O" ARGENTINA 2011/2012

International Association of Lions Clubs
Board of Governors 2011-2012
Multiple District "O" ARGENTINA

Bunn, Jaldi Antonio
Multiple District LD
-------------------------------------------------- -----
I have the honor to inform to the President of the Council of the District Multiple "LD" from Brazil, to let you know that the President, Vice President and Governors-elected for 2011-2012 year, are very happy and we all agree with the decision taken by the Argentina Lions, by unanimously voting at the 55th National Convention held in the city of Mar del Plata, supporting the pre bid of PID Rosane T. Jahnke Vailatti as Lions Clubs International 2nd Vice President.

PID Rosane T. Jahnke Vailatti accumulated merits through a magnificent trajectory in Lions history that made her nomination worthy without opposition and we are sure she will meet with the ability and commitment we all know.

Receive a warm greeting from Argentine Lions.

CC Carlos Marcelo Orce
Multiple District Argentina 2011-2012

The following entry with their signatures is authentic.

CC Multiple District 0 Carlos Marcelo Orse

DGE 0-1 2011-12 Eduardo G. Apfelbaum
DGE 0-2 2011-12 Beatriz Donadille
DGE 0-3 2011-12 Sixto Coneglanio
DGE 0-4 2011-12 Carlos Ariel Sansille
DGE 0-5 2011-12 Norberto Jose

[See the complet letter in Spanish and in Acrobat/PDF]

Apoyo del Distrito Múltiple O - Argentina 2010-2011

Dear Rosane:

In the 55th Multiple District "O" National Convention held in Argentina, Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires on May 18th to 21st , at the meeting held with the Board of Governors, it was decided to support the candidacy of PID Rosane Terezinha Jahnke Vailatti for 2nd Vice-President of the Lions Clubs International.

For this main resolution decision in the National Convention held on May 21st, this Presidency informed the delegates about it and asked their support. It was really nice to see how all those presents, including the current Elected Governor, 1st and 2nd Vice-Governors and all Lions rose and clapped their hands giving all Republic of Argentina support.

Rosane, we know your Lions values, but over all things, we know your humility, your gift to be as you are, I believe that the seeds you have scattered across your trajectory, is bearing fruit.

We wish God grants you with the success to crown this goal. You deserve it.

A hug for you and for your spouse.


CC León César W. Andrada
Presidente Múltiple "O"
Periodo 2010-2011
Socio Circle nº1232